Why should you Explore Your North?

Why should we explore our north? It all depends on the deeply rooted notion that your mind is often not at the current place you are at. In today's hustle of life, work and family each day can seem like a blur. Do you remember the days of old when you had not one care in the world and being outside was an open passage to your freedom? Why do we limit that freedom only to our early years of development?

It all boils down to keeping with the level of freedom when you first learned to walk or ride a bike. Riding a bike for many is the first glance at freedom we ever have. Being able to fearlessly take off from one's home and explore your neighborhood, town or state was something that you will forever cherish and long to get back to. 

Well, I say we take a stance and get back to it. Go Explore Your North, go against the grain and take off. It never hurts to get lost now!


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